Pacific Dialogue began as a public relations practice and news service in 1974. In 1982 I added newsletters, starting with communicator's notebook and then Pacific Dialogue, public relations and government information training programs in Washington, DC, Kingston, Jamaica and Dar Es Salem, Tanzania. While consulting for Nikkei Business Publications in 1995 I began working on trade shows and information technology events, and that started a three-year relationship with Mecklermedia and Internet World.

In 1998 we started a trade show bureau to provide public relations support for information technology trade shows. This site is the continuation of the newsletters' efforts to inform and train public relations professionals. It will provide support for the working press and public relations professionals covering events.

Below are the pages and links to other pages to help the PR professionals, the working media and financial analysts do their jobs better. If you know the direct URL you can go immediately to the page, but don't hesitate to wander around and never hesitate to call with suggestions and criticisms and to register for upcoming events and our occasional email newsletters.

We use Rockwell Condensed for the Masthead and Headline. I thought it was readily available but it is not if my headlines look like a Times can download Rockwell Condensed below. (Remember to download Rockwell Condensed to your hardrive, hold down the shift key (Open Apple or option for MAC) and click on the link below. If you DO NOT hold down the shift key, the browser will think the file is a web page and will try to display it.)

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