Company List

Korean Software Symposium '98

1. Cemtlosoft Corp.

Description: No-Cost or Cost Effective Porting from IBM PC to Macintosh

Target Sectors: Major software companies producing entertainment / educational titles

2. Cyberdigm Co.

Description: Cyberdigm develops and markets DocsWareTM, a full-fledged EDMS (Enterprise Document Management System) written in 100% Java.


Target Sectors: Internet/Intranet based EDMS and Workflow Management System markets


Description: Developer of mini games and web-based billing systems

Target sectors: Anyone who needs vision therapy, especially for improving visual function.


Description: We are the nationís only company that has developed CD Family pre-mastering S/W (CD-DA, CD-ROM, VIDEO CD 2.0, VIDEO CD Internet). We also brought S/W MPEG I Encoder, Caption Video CD Player for linguistic studies into the market. We are now concentrating on developing DVD Authoring Tools.

Target Sector: Personal Creativity PC (producing personal digital photo albums, etc.) and SOHO businessmen (producing CYBER SHOPPING MALLs, developing company presentation CDís, developing educational multi-media CDís, MPEG-1 ENCODING)

5.Gunzameory Computer Co., Ltd.

Description: Leading developer of MPEG-2 encoder/decoder S/W for worldwide

Target Market: The target market of Gunzameory Computer is DVD-ROM, V-CD, HQ-VCD manufacturers, as well as DVD-Title manufacturers. Besides the DVD-titles, there are also many applications using MPEG-2 encoder, such as the interactive ad-stand market, games, the broadcasting Market, schools and laboratories, the VOD market, the remote conference, entertainment (movie and music), etc. Gunzameory Computer will be the leader of MPEG-2 encoder manufacturers and will create a new market using the MPEG-2 solution, including the SVCD and Non-Linear Editing markets.

6.Human Computers, Inc.

Description: Developer of SGML/XML solution packages, HiSOS, for the document management system.

Target Sectors: The markets and software distributors related to WWW Home Pages, Information Database, Diagnostic/Expert Systems, Electronic Mail, Hypermedia & Hypertext Document, Database Publishing, CD-ROM Publishing, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs), Electronic Review, CALS, etc.

7.INDI Inc.

Description: INDI is a company that focuses on research and development of unique products relating to the Internet. Its focus is on the corporate and end-user application development of the Internet.

Target Sectors: Banking, ISP, Search Engine Companies, Marketing and Advertising-Oriented Companies

8.InfoLogic, Inc.

Description: InfoLogic is a leading software developer based on the Macintosh platform. We focus on highly value added solution and technology development, as well as retail products based on our unique technologies. Our specialty includes the DTP market with Quark XTensions development and 2-byte font technology including copy protection of TrueType and PostScript fonts. With the technologies and development expertise that Apple authorizes, InfoLogic, Inc. also offers Development-On-Demand service at competitive pricing to fit your budget. Our rich field experiences and capabilities of systematic development promise you quality output and a solid delivery schedule.

Target Sectors: Desktop Publishing market with QuarkXPress, which publishes mathematical books, magazines and journals. Also, mathematical problems in banking or database systems that require working with QuarkXPress in editing and printing. InfoLogic also intends to source license its powerful equation editor engine to major word processor, page layout and web browser developers when they want to support equation editing, TeX and MathML in their products.


Description: InsideU's main goal is to aid usersí view and search large data in a much easier, more intuitive and fun way by presenting information in fully-graphical ways. To achieve this goal, we have developed Info3D, a revolutionary 3-D information visualization and search program.

Target Sectors:

1) Enterprises: DB marketing, DSS, OLAP, SI, ERP, etc.

2) E-commerce: product search

3) Science and Statistics

10.JSoft, Inc.

Description: JSoft Inc. is a software development company specializing in thin client computing solutions. Products include Java applets/applications for network computers and Java serverlets for supporting networked information appliances.

Target Sectors: For JSoft Viewer, portals providing Web mail services, corporations employing Web based e-mail solutions and anyone looking for MS Office filters for non-Windows development. For JSoft Builder, system integrators looking for powerful, yet easy to use tools for developing Web based applications.

11.KoreaSoft Corporation

Description: Developer of large format printing RIP (Raster Image Processor) software for signmaking, digital color printing & CAD/CAM technologies.

Target Sectors: Signmaking, Digital Color Printing and CAD/CAM markets.

ARTIST RIP Application Fields:

1. Advertisement: Department, Building, Vehicle, Sign-board and Banner.

2. Poster and Photo: Movie, Exhibition, Gallery, Wedding Photo and Photo Enlargement.

3. Architecture and Chart: Perspective, Drawing, Interior, Presentation and Briefing.

4. Display and Design: Vertical Blind, POP and Textile / Industrial / Architectural Design.

12.Namo Interactive Inc.

Description: Internet Homepage authoring tool

Target Sectors: Novice and mid-level users, as well as company Web masters, including VAR. Because there is a module version of Namo WebEditor, the ActiveX Control, SI companies and consulting companies can also use Namo products.

13.NARAY Security

Description: Software for Monitoring Illegally Duplicated Software on the Internet

Target Sectors: Application S/W and GAME S/W Suppliers, or their Distribution Units

14.sintec co., ltd.

Description: sintec is a leading company in the field of image recognition and MIS

Target Sectors: Customer service for hotels, banks, etc. Assisting security systems and visual inspection in product lines. Registered staff management. Absent supervision in companies and schools. Specified object recognition.

15.XapiSoft Corporation

Description: XapiSoft is a Korea-based software company that develops and markets leading edge software that revamps legacy applications. The founders have more than 30 years of combined experience with mainframe and mid-range systems API programming.

Target Sectors: All legacy application clients for IBM Mainframe, AS/400 and Unix Host System. Especially for the clients who have requirements of converting legacy applications to GUI applications without changing the mainframe application and generating reports from various data sources in multiple platforms and multiple databases.